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I spoke to the lovely people over at Antibad, the ethical online shop, about my inspirations and ideas behind Bug clothing, read it here


Festive pop up shop with Hazel Stark, Eesome Shop + Max Jones - December 2017

Hunger TV Rising star interview with Dylan Weller, read it here

Photography by Stephanie Sian Smith

Styling by Ellie Witt

Make up by Celia Evans

Hair by Sophie King

Clothing by Bug Clothing, Toast, Filippa K, Uniqlo

Photography by Cleo Glover

Styling by Ellie Witt

Make up + hair by Celia Evans

Clothing by Bug Clothing, Hunza G + Hunter

Published here

BUG X EESOME - Collaborating on stuff with people I love


Eesome shop is an online store for pre-loved homewares, their ideals are wonderful, see here:


Supply Chain

Shopping second-hand is actively choosing to support a small, independent supply chain. Most of our items are bought through charities or individual market sellers who make a living from these purchases. The money you spend feeds back into small communities, rather than getting lost in large corporations.


Vintage homewares, especially ceramics, tend to be of a much higher quality than modern, mass-produced, mass-replicated items. Before the demand for cheaper and cheaper homewares, the materials and making processes were of a much higher standard. Proof of this can be seen in the flawless condition of the items found on the website, decades after they were first made.


When you buy second-hand, you are re-investing in materials and resources that have already been used. No matter how ethically or sustainably made a new item is, buying second-hand will always be the best option in terms of the environment, creating very little demand on the worlds resources.

Bug Clothing interview with Twenty6 Magazine about sustainable fashion + inspiration, here

Collaboration with Hazel Stark for her RCA MA in TEXTILES graduate collection


Pattern cutting + construction by me, design by us both.


Another way

A collection responding to Hella Jongerius’ call for ‘a new holistic approach to design’.

Fashion and textiles are the most polluting and wasteful of industries. I believe that as designers we have a responsibility to be conscious of the impact of the material choices we make; to be resourceful, working towards a more sustainable future model for the production of the clothes we wear and materials we live with.

What started with an exploration of natural dyes as an alternative to the petrochemical and polluting synthetic norm, my design approach broadened to encompass sourcing and developing materials and finding new solutions.

By looking backwards to move forward I have developed a number of methodologies, recipes and fostered production relationships that have their origins in pre-industrial textiles, craft and the principles of slow-textiles, but are scalable and viable alternatives for contemporary and future production. For example, material efficiencies such as placement and engineered prints, careful pattern cutting minimising waste material and reusing any waste for linings and trim are all economical solutions and employed for the making of the garments.

Using waste, by creating mono-materials from strong natural fibres and non-toxic colour, substrates and finishings to make materials that are naturally hard-wearing. They will have a long life, but also their end of life would be uncomplicated; simple to re-use, recycle or compost without any polluting elements; working within the principles of the circular economy.

Go see with Photographer Wendy Huynh

Styling by me, direction by Wendy

Models are Jasmine + Saskia from Elite

Jewellery by Jessie Harris London + Dinosaur Designs

Swimwear by Hunza G

Shoes by Loq

Collaboration project


Photography by Suzie Howell

Set + Direction + styling by Nina Fina + Bug

Model is Zarina

Hair + Make-up by Rosie Herdman of Glasshouse Salon


Furniture by &sons, Maxwell Randall

Lingerie by Jody Shafton, Lonely Label, Sunspel + Weekday

Jewellery by Karina Banks London + Jessie Harris


See the feature on the Glasshouse Journal here


Collaboration project - bespoke trousers created by Bug clothing for Jala Wahid


Photography by Agnes Lloyd Platt

Model is Jala Wahid

Set + styling by Nina Fina

Hair + Make-up by Mia Waldern of Glasshouse Salon

Nails by Charly Avenell 




Nar (pomegranate)


A small collection of Summer tops for women. Handmade using light Turkish cotton which has been carefully dyed by hand with a natural dye of pomegranates and walnut husks, in a special place called Dalyan.


Shop the collection from here


Photography + Direction by Sarah Victoria Bates

Body by Wendy Huynh


Photography - Suzie Howell

Set + Direction by Suzie + Bug

Body - Aleks Grela


Bug X Brother


B X B is a collaboration between Bug Clothing + Brother London. Together we have created a unisex work jacket with the concept of 'one style fits all'. The jacket is composed from a cotton mix, allowing ease of movement, durability and a jacket which will wear well over time. 

The B X B jacket will be available on our online shop + at brother Londons' store at Netil Market from early February 2017


Bella, by Bug + Ana Kerin


Wolf & Moon - collection 5 

Photography by Hannah Davis


Agnes Lloyd Platt x Bug Clothing


Series by Sarah Victoria Bates

Body by Nina Fina


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