We want to make sure you find the right size for your body - this is why we provide detailed information on our product pages. If you are unsure of which size to choose, please get in touch and we’d be very happy to advise you



The fabrics we use are locally sourced, end of rolls; making use of the excess from commercial textile manufacturing. This means we cannot always be 100% certain of the fabric composition. We make every effort to ensure the fabrics we select are all natural compositions of either linen or cotton, sometimes both

We use mostly 100% linen, and sometimes a linen/viscose mix, these materials don’t have very much give or any stretch, so please ensure you take care of your item whilst washing, taking on and off and wearing. The chance of tearing with a looser fit garment is lesser, although with tighter fitting shapes the garment may become more delicate in weak spots. The loose weave of linen can wear over time and can tarnish. We would be happy to advise you on how to repair or alter your own garments if you get in touch


Care instructions

We make our garments to last, we use French seams, overlocking, double stitching on weak points and finish things to the highest standard that we can. But linen + cotton is natural so can weaken over time. Things like kneeling on the same spot constantly and putting pressure on shoulder ties can cause your garment to tarnish. Ties can be re-stitched in easily and holes can be patched up. Please get in touch for advice on mending!

We advise that you do not wash your linens any higher than a 30 degree machine wash.



These natural fibres will wear gradually through use and continuous washing, the material will become softer and more absorbent. Naturally prone to creasing, this fabric has a character which means it’ll never quite appear perfect. Worn best on warm days as the qualities of this fabric make it cooler and the weave allows ease of movement and entry of air

Wash dark colours separately and avoid drying in direct sun as exposure to sunlight can cause the colours to fade gradually



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If you have a question about sizings or anything else regarding our garments, send us a message, we want to make sure you order something you will love and want to cherish for a long time.


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