We tend to make clothes that aren't super fitted on the body, we like things that feel comfortable and allow for you to move and do things, please see how different sizes fit different models and also decide how you'd like to wear the piece. Sizing is quite subjective, people are used to buying things from stores that all have different versions of a size, below are our guidelines, please get in touch if you have any questions or queries about which size you'd be in an item and we'd be really happy to advise you.


Our sizes:

One size fits most - this size is suitable for a number of body shapes, on smaller frames the garment will have a looser fit, and fuller figures will find it more body skimming, we recommend it'd fit UK 8-14

X-small - UK size 6/8

Small - UK size 8/10

Small/Medium - from a larger size 8 - smaller size 12 (depending on how you would like to wear the piece)

Medium - UK size 12

Medium/Large - from a larger size 12 - size 14 (depending on how you would like to wear the piece)

Large - UK size 16

Long - for anyone who is 5'7 and above in height

Please note, our sizes are often dependent on style and how the piece is to be worn, so you may be a Medium in one of our items and a different size in another, please check measurements clearly before purchase.


Things to consider:

RISE - This is the length of your torso. Knowing this measurement is quite important when finding a jumpsuit that will fit well. Having it tight on your crotch is uncomfortable, and having it too baggy is not cool either.

BUST - If you are busty you may need to opt for a size up in items with more structured top parts. Get in touch if you are un-certain.

WIDEST PART - By this we mean all the way around your lower butt and your hips.


Please bear with us whilst we work on introducing more sizing options